Family Icons

TruAudio has incorporated a family icon designation on all of our current and future products. You will find these icons on the new packaging, website, literature and price book. You will notice icons such as Zion, Grand Canyon, Powell and more, to help you know which products can be paired together to make an optimal system for your customer.

Each product is assigned a family icon based on voicing, timbre matching and materials. This system will make it very easy to mix and match different series and types of speakers in the same family while remaining confident you are getting the best possible match between all your speakers.

Carbon Fiber Woofers - Titanium Tweeters
GC-6, GC-8, B23-265SUR, B23-265LCR, B23-465LCR, REV6-SUR.1, REV8-SUR.1, REV6-LCR.2, REV6-LCR.1, REV8-LCR.2, REV8-LCR.1, B23-5.1-CSUB
Glass Fiber Woofers - Titanium Tweeters - Ghost Grill
GG-4, GG-6, GG-8, GGD-6, GHT-66G, GHT-SUR-G, GHT-CSUR-G, PG-4, PG-6, PG-8, SLIM-100G, SLIM-300G
Poly Woofers - Silk Tweeters - Ghost Grill
Glass Fiber Woofers - Titanium Tweeters
XDG-6, CT-4
Poly Woofers - Silk Tweeters
CL-70V, CL-70V-6, CP-6, CP-8, XDP-6, IWP-6, IWP-8, CPD-6, CPD-8, PP-4
Poly Woofers - Mylar Tweeters
CL-70V-8, LC-6, LC-8, LW-6
Custom Utah-Built Product
RM-12 SUB, RM-15 SUB
Compatible with any family
OL-5WTx, AMP-440, AS-1, TRUNAMI-SUB, SS-10, SS-12, SS-8, SAT3, CSUB-10, CSUB-12, CSUB-8