TRU-S350xi by TruAudio



TRUAUDIO’s mono channel/ Subwoofer power amplifier was designed as a seamless match with the Trunami Sub. It is a perfect solution for a multiple or single subwoofer install that will give you flexibility and quality sound. With good looks and versatility, this well constructed amplifier has many features to enhance your installation and can be customized to fit any system. This model is designed for dedicated mono power for a in-wall subwoofer. Features include; master volume control on the front panel for easy adjustment, and LFE input, built in subwoofer crossover with adjustment from 55Hz to 200Hz, phase switch 0 to 180 and a 12VDC trigger. A specially designed transformer will minimize unwanted heat build up to ensure long life of the amplifier. No matter if the TRU-S350 is rumbling one or two IW-SUB-8's in-wall subwoofers, this amplifier will deliver audiophile sound and maximize your listening experience.


Pairs seamlessly with most passive subwoofers
Analog meets digital with the TRU-S350xi

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