AC Infinity Receiver and AV component cooling fan system, LCD thermostat programming.

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AC Infinity AIRCOM T9, Receiver and AV component cooling fan system.

  • A quiet fan system designed for cooling receivers, amplifiers, DVRs, and other AV components.
  • Protects components from overheating, performance issues, and shortened lifespans.
  • LCD thermostat programming with six speed controls, alarm alerts, failure triggers, and memory.
  • Contains three dual-ball bearing fans with PWM-controlled motors to minimize noise.
  • Dimensions: 17 x 13.5 x 1.5 in. | Exhaust: Top | Airflow: 210 CFM | Noise: 21 dBA | Bearings: Dual Ball


A quiet cooling fan system designed to be placed on top of AV components such as receivers, amplifiers, and DVRs. Maintaining an optimal temperature for components prevents overheating, ensures constant performance, and extends their lifespan. The LCD digital controller on the front of the system features a smart thermostat with speed control and status alerts. The steel enclosure houses three dual-ball bearing fans that pulls heat out of the component and exhausts upwards. Its slim low-profile design enables the unit to fit in tight spaces. On the backside are ports to connect and control additional fans. Includes corded power adapter to plug the fan system through an outlet.


Programming includes an easy-to-use thermostat and a SMART mode that automatically adjusts the fan’s speed to react to varying temperatures. Additional features include alarm alerts, fan failure triggers, power savings setting, display lock, and backup memory. Six fan speeds are available with three screen brightness settings. Behind the unit are ports that can control up to six individual AC Infinity AIRPLATE Cabinet fans and MULTIFAN Component fans.


Each system features dual-ball bearing fans rated at 67,000 hours and are certified by CE, UL, and RoHS. Fans contain a PWM-controlled motor used to minimize noise during speed variations and are suspended in mid-air with silicone mounts to absorb vibrations. A low-profile design allows the unit to fit in applications with a limited height clearance. Aluminum and steel construction enables additional components up to 30 pounds to be stacked on top.

  • Fan Quality Approvals UL, CE, TUV, RoHS
  • Top Weight Capacity 30 lbs
  • L10 Life Expectency 67,000 Hours
  • Fan Bearings Dual Ball
  • Operating Temperature 14 to 230°F
  • Operating Humidity 35 to 85% RH
  • Wall Adaptor Input 100 to 240V AC
  • Current 0.79 A
  • Operating Voltage 12V DC
  • Power 9.5 W
  • Static Pressure 1 mm-H20
  • Noise 21dBA
  • Airflow Rate 210 CFM
  • Exhaust Top
  • Number of Fans 3
  • Finish Dimensions 17" (432 mm) x 13.5" (343mm) x 1.5" (38mm)

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