REV Series

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REV Series by TruAudio



Our REV Series was designed to transport you to the movie theater with powerful cinema surround sound and professional, quality audio. These home cinema speakers blend seamlessly into your home's interior with our Ghost-style frameless grill. Engineered with an angled housing that rotates and an adjustable mid-range tweeter bridge provides directionality of sound to the preferred listening area, or "sweet spot". Following its debut, the REV Series was awarded several design awards, including “Product of the Year” by Electronic House for innovation and value. To create a Dolby Atmos home theater, add our G91 speakers into the ceiling and feel the powerful, moving audio that flows around you. Heard but not seen™

Angled woofer and adjustable mid and tweeter bridge
Tweeter and woofer EQ adjustments - 0, -3, -6
Black and White Grills Included
Ghost Style Grill
Lifetime Warranty

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