Eve Wins aFrame Acoustic Art!

May 23rd, 2013 at 4:55 a.m. · By Chase Harrison

Eve’s Mom Rocks!

TruAudio is pleased to announce the winner of the Facebook “My Mom Rocks!” photo contest is Eve from Clifton, Idaho!

Eve submitted this picture of her mother, Margaret Andersen Wadsworth.

In 1940, Eve’s grandmother, a published poet, was having one of her poems featured in a magazine. The subject of the poem was prayer. The magazine wanted a picture to accompany the poem and Eve’s grandmother volunteered her two daughters as models.

A professional photographer was dispatched and took this picture of Margaret. She was seven years old at the time.

Congratulation to Eve - you win our aFrame Acoustic Art! Thanks so much to Eve and all those who participated in our “My Mom Rocks!” photo contest!

The aFrame Acoustic Art is truly unique. Now you can use your Bluetooth device and play your favorite music on a TruAudio sound system hidden inside your favorite piece of graphic art.

My Favorite Music

The aFrame comes with a high fidelity TruAudio stereo that is fueled by two 5” glass fiber woofers and two 5” glass fiber midranges for greater output. The aFrame also sports two 1” titanium tweeters that allow the aFrame to played at higher volumes without the listener experiencing ear fatigue.

My Favorite Art

Choose from the aFrame gallery of professional graphic art, photography or limited edition artwork at www.aframeaudio.com – or use your own image or artwork to create a personal aFrame. Your aFrame will be printed on an acoustically transparent material using inks that are non-toxic, non-allergenic and reproduce exceptionally bright hues for any type of artwork.

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