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Now, who understands how it feels and the excitement when getting a new T.V.? The anticipation of getting to turn it on after it is all set up and connected to whatever “service” (Hulu, Netflix, DirecTV) that you have, is the best feeling! With all of these new television releases from companies like Samsung and Sony, you have to remember that with a thinner screen, the sound oftentimes, will suffer. So, to help improve your experience, we have come up with different audio products that are an ideal match for the chosen T.V.

                                                                                  Samsung Frame TV

Samsung Frame T.V.

This technology features a T.V. when it’s on, and shows artwork when it’s off. The Samsung Frame T.V. contains an AI Quantum Processor 4K and is powered by Quantum Dots. Its display shows eight million pixels on the screen. There are over a billion shades of crisp and clear color, contrasted with Samsung “Direct Full Array” (this is a concentrated zone of LEDs that automatically adapt to each scene so you get the fullest spectrum of dark and light tones). The result is stunning depth and detail for lifelike visuals. The Direct Full Array is a new feature that was released earlier this year (2020). It is a numerical index that is based on backlighting, anti-reflection, and contrast enhancement technologies. Backlights dramatically enhance the depths of whites and blacks out your screen while the Quantum Processor 4K instantly upscales your content for the sharpest detail possible.)

  This T.V. hangs like a real frame and includes a No Gap Wall-Mount that helps to keep it flushed against the wall, similar to actual framed art. To blend into the environment that you put it in, the Samsung Frame T.V. comes in sizes from 32” to 75”. 

Art Mode

Brightness Sensor

This sensor is built to detect the ambient light and automatically balances the screen’s brightness and color tone for natural illumination. So whether its day or night, you can see your art how it is meant to be seen.

Motion Sensor

When you’re nearby, the Motion Sensor detects your presence and turns the T.V. display into artwork. Allowing you to enjoy the type of art that you like. When you leave, it turns off to save energy.



MultiView splits your T.V. screen in two, putting the content you’re watching on one side, and mirroring your mobile screen on the other. This allows you to do simple things like watching workout videos, check sports stats, and more while watching your favorite show or game.

*Compatible devices only

Great Sound to Match a Great Visual

With this immersive visual experience, you deserve the best sound experience to match it! Imagine the Samsung Frame T.V. paired with the TruAudio GPW-6, GPW-8, or the GP-8. These Ghost Series™ speakers include a patented 2-millimeter reveal magnetic frameless grill. The rimless grill attaches easily and covers the lip. Once installed, no part of the speaker shows except for the grill, having the speaker virtually disappear into the installation environment. The Ghost Series™ is “heard but not seen”. This series includes a Humidity rating to ensure that the speakers are protected through different temperatures. 

                                                                         LG Wallpaper

LG Wallpaper Smart OLED T.V. with AI ThinQ

No gap, no shadow. The wallpaper design is so slim that the T.V. blends into the wall. The thin profile is measured in millimeters (3.85 millimeters). 


OLED redefines picture quality with millions of OLED pixels (8.3 million) that emit their light independently and can be turned off. This allows the screen to give you a perfect black, over a billion rich colors and infinite contrast. The OLED display lets you see every possible detail.


This T.V. is easy to mount and uses a magnetic mat (sold separately) or with wall brackets (sold separately) for a comprehensive video-wall solution. This model also lets you install it in landscape or portrait orientation.

Motion Eye Care

This feature, when enabled, helps you to see a clearer picture. It adjusts the brightness by analyzing image movements to prevent glare and reduce energy consumption.


LG ThinQ AI T.V.s are the only T.V.s with the Google Assistant and Alexa both built-in. LG ThinQ fully integrates the voice assistants that you already use. Convenience and home control are all at your command, making it easy to control other smart devices and LG smart products.

Filmmaker Mode™

A picturesque setting that removes most of the image processing, like noise reduction and motion smoothing that can be applied to content. *No activation needed using a button on the T.V.’s remote control. Auto-sensing can be turned off and made easily accessible via the T.V.’s menu. Filmmaker Mode™ was made to preserve the original creative intent.

LG Channels

LG OLED TVs are bringing more entertainment options than ever before. LG Channels deliver free access to over 180 IP streaming channels offering movies, shows, breaking news, sports, comedy, and more--integrated alongside over-the-air channels and channel guide.

Search For What You See

Instantly search the names of actors, venues, and even outfits worn on your favorite T.V. shows. You can even purchase them on the spot, straight from your T.V.!


If you are a gamer then this T.V. will hold value to you! Never worry about lagging behind the competition with this fast response time of 1 millisecond. Prepare yourself to play in full-force with reduced blurring and added clarity. Feel truly in the game with high-speed motion and gameplay. Immersive HDR features HGiG that delivers the gaming graphics best matched with the identified T.V. specs and performance levels. 


Sports Alert keeps you up to date on your favorite teams,  gives you real-time updates, start times, and scores (and will even show you while you’re watching other content). OLED Motion is tech that you see but don’t notice. 


Again, with the visual experience that LG is offering with the sleek model of the LG Wallpaper Smart OLED T.V., it needs to be paired with quality sound to improve your audial exposure. It can be as simple as adding a TruAudio Custom Soundbar that is fitted to the TV size perfectly and can be out of the way for your enjoyment.

                                                             Sony Z8H

Sony Z8H (8K T.V.)

This model is an upgrade from last year’s model, the 88” Master Series Z9G 8K T.V.) small but significant improvements. 

  • Same in terms of looks and appearance
    • The backside of the T.V. has checkerboard pattern ventilation grills and textured panels.


  • The Z8H features an improved version of Sony’s Acoustic Audio Plus to deliver sound as if it is directly coming from the screen.
  • They added an embedded tweeter in the frame that vibrates the entire frame itself to produce part of the sound for the T.V. This allows the T.V. to be slimmer at the base where normal speakers take up space.
  • This model also has embedded far-field microphones for hands-free to use, to avoid having to fumble with the remote control.
    • It’s as simple as speaking in the room to activate the T.V. with a designated trigger phase.
    • Also, it comes with Google Assistant as part of the Android operating system.
    • This model works with Alexa, Apple AirPlay, and Apple Homekit too.


Digitally compressing pictures from film to T.V. compromises the quality as well as alters your experience. Unique features on the Z8H let you enjoy studio-quality entertainment in your own home, the way that the director intended it.

This model is available in 75” and 85”.

IMAX Enhanced

This is an IMAX Enhanced product, ready to meet high-quality color, contrast, clarity, and sound. Take comfort in knowing you’ll be enjoying a fully immersive at-home entertainment experience on this T.V. that takes full advantage of IMAX Enhanced content.


With a great picture, great sound is a necessity! To guarantee that you are hearing everything that is meant to be heard try pairing this fancy Sony T.V. with TruAudio’s Custom Length Soundbar! The TruAudio Custom Length Soundbar is an innovative solution adding high-quality audio to your flat panel TV. These customizable soundbars are cut to the TV’s exact width and will work with any flat panel TV or projection screen between 42” and 82” wide. The Custom Length Soundbar also has the thinnest profile among competitors and they are available in two performance levels; carbon fiber or polypropylene drivers. TruAudio’s patent-pending front wire pass-through design allows dealers to install with ease and terminate wires from the front. It is designed to match any home audio system, whether it is a center channel, stereo, or LCR configuration.

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