Adding a Sub to Multiroom Audio

June 1st, 2022 at 11:11 a.m. · By Eric Doi

Adding a Sub to Multiroom Audio


If you’ve ever been to the movie theater or installed a subwoofer in a car stereo system; you know the benefits and unique experience that come from adding a subwoofer to an audio system. You may already have a home audio system that is either custom installed, or a singular freestanding system in place. With different styles and installation options, including invisible install options; there really is no downside to adding a sub to your system! Adding a sub can be the best upgrade for music and movie fanatics who want a true experience at home. Adding a subwoofer to your home audio sound system can offer several benefits, including the following:


  1. Improved bass response and deeper, richer sound. The addition of a dedicated subwoofer can help to recreate lower frequencies that may be difficult for the main speakers in your sound system to produce on their own. This can result in a more immersive listening experience overall, with music or movies sounding fuller and more lifelike. Some frequencies that are super deep may not be felt or heard without a dedicated subwoofer. Adding a subwoofer will enrich the sound, providing a larger scope of sounds that can be heard and utilized by your music or movies.


  1. Enhanced clarity and detail at higher volumes. Adding a subwoofer to take care of the lower tones can also give you a cleaner sound from your speakers by taking the weight of the low frequencies off of the speakers. Most movies and music are designed to have its own subwoofer to pull the original sound experience intended by the artist or movie. Many smaller speakers struggle when playing at high volumes, resulting in distortion. A separate subwoofer is better equipped to handle these loud, deep sounds without any loss of quality or clarity, which can be especially important if you like to listen to music or watch movies at higher volume levels with rich and immersive sound.


  1. Greater flexibility and customization of your system. With separate components, you can choose what size and type of speakers to use for your main speakers and subwoofer, allowing you to create a sound system that perfectly matches the kind of listening experience you are looking for. This level of customization can be especially useful if you have specific preferences or needs when it comes to your home audio setup, or if your area of listening comes with specific limitations. TruAudio has many customizable options for all home audio systems such as home theaters, outdoor patios, recreational rooms, gyms, and even bathrooms! Adding a subwoofer, no matter the location, can help you pick the perfect speakers and amplifiers for a system, creating quality sound wherever you wish it to be installed.


  1. A more balanced sound overall. While it's possible to adjust the settings on your existing speakers in an attempt to compensate for any issues with the bass response, these tweaks may never be able to fully address those problems. Adding a subwoofer that is specifically designed for lower frequencies can help to ensure that all of the different sounds in your music or movies are properly represented and well-balanced, resulting in a more consistent listening experience. As mentioned before, this lets you hear the sounds the way the creator intended and brings a more immersive experience. Sound in and of itself is a language, and cutting out intended sound can change the meaning or ambiance of the intended situation. Movies may add a deep rumbling before an intense scene to build the scene up for a big moment. Without the intended bass, the scene can seem awkward, or even misplaced. Music lovers know that the bass is not just a bump of sound, but an integral part of music, especially where drums and bass instruments are being highlighted in the song. 


By adding a subwoofer to your home audio system, you can enjoy the improved sound quality and enhanced flexibility, along with other benefits like a deeper, richer listening experience and better clarity at higher volumes. Whether you listen to music or watch movies regularly, adding this component can help improve your overall audio experience. Because the subwoofer functions independently from the rest of your sound system, it is much easier to set up and integrate into your existing configuration without any hassle or confusion about wiring or placement requirements. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a subwoofer without having to go through the more complicated installation process typically associated with surround sound systems. Adding a sub can make a good sound system into a great one.


If you’re worried about the size and look of adding a subwoofer, worry no longer! TruAudio has many variations of subwoofers that can be customized to suit your design preferences. For example, outdoor audio has subwoofers that can be buried subterraneously so that only a small bass port tube is shown. For indoor installs, inwall subwoofers are becoming more popular where the sub is actually in the wall, where only a flush grill is visible for a seamless design. Other indoor options include in-ceiling subwoofers. They are out of sight by being in the ceiling and typically look like a regular in-ceiling speaker. Last, we have our invisible subwoofer that is completely installed within the walls, with only a slit in the wall to act as a port. Design matching subs is also an option. Through our TruCustom design process, we can make subwoofers that match the design or color of your area where the bass will be placed. Having a neatly designed bass can add to your space as a cool design element as well as add better sound to your space!


Do you have any other questions about adding a subwoofer to your home audio system? Contact us at and we will help you find a nearby installer or distributor to make the most of your home or commercial audio space!

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