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August 25th, 2016 at 3:10 a.m. · By Chase Harrison


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Announcing Vault Series: The Latest in Rack Innovation from TruAudio

HURRICANE, UT – 8/2/16 - TruAudio, a global leader of premium architectural, outdoor and commercial speakers, announced today they have designed a new lineup of innovative racks in their Forge Series, Vault. Vault brings some of the best features of their foundational Core, Stealth and Thin Series together into a single, versatile rack. Racks are now available to order and are shipping to their dealers and distributors. It will be replacing their previous Forge models.

The Vault Series was created based on dealer feedback and has many new features to better assist installers and end-users alike. It features a 1,000 lb. weight limit, providing the ability to include all systems within the rack, regardless of weight. It has an integrated cooling unit at the top of the rack which provides plenty of air movement. The Vault was designed to have a simple assembly, by shipping in just two boxes and having the option to remove the side panels after installation. It has the best wire management of any rack TruAudio has had on the market previously, with plenty of punch-outs and space for wires. These new features speak to the high quality of the rack, which comes in at a competitive price point.

“We are very pleased with Vault, and can’t wait for it to become the next go-to rack for just about any install,” said Bryan Garner, President of TruAudio. “We took everyone’s feedback into the design process when we started developing a new rack to replace our existing Forge lineup. We are excited to get it in the hands of our dealers and their customers, to show its real capabilities.”

TruAudio designs and manufactures a full-line of premium audio products. The company is headquartered in Hurricane, Utah with distributing locations in the Netherlands and Atlanta, Georgia. TruAudio is sold exclusively through a dealer network and authorized distributors in over 60 countries around the world. TruAudio is constantly on the cutting edge of audio innovation and raises the bar with speaker design. Since its beginnings, the company believes every person should hear audio the way it was meant to be experienced.

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For more information about the Vault Series, TruAudio or to locate an authorized TruAudio dealer in your area, please visit or call 888-858-1555.


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