Rising Star: Petrone Technology Group

August 8th, 2013 at 3:36 a.m. · By Chase Harrison

Rising Star: Petrone Technology Group

Anthony Petrone is a man on the move... and the AV industry is taking notice.


Anthony (friends call him “AP”) and his company, Petrone Technology Group, were just recognized as one of CEPro’s Rising Stars in their latest issue.


Being the man that he is, AP defers much of the credit to his employees. But regardless of where the credit is placed, the reality is that things are moving along quite nicely for Petrone.


Revenues are up 60% this year, with much of that growth attributable to an increase in audio, retrofit, and control work. In fact, it was in the unique things Petrone is doing with control where the industry and potential customers are taking notice.


AP showcased his control work in a recent install video that featured impressive control of the outdoor lighting and audio (those are our OP 8.2 Outdoor Speakers) as well as a wicked cool fire pit - all controlled with a waterproof remote control!



AP’s next little AV adventure involved creating a minimalist masterpiece for an Olympic Gold Medalist. The install was written up in a “NEAT-O” feature story in this month’s CEPro issue.


This particular install featured a TV that Petrone placed behind a mirror in the bathroom. “The client wanted to sit in his bathtub with his waterproof remote control and watch TV without having to see the TV. He said it would take away from the overall design of the bathroom,” AP told us.


The audio for the TV and SIRIUS Radio is pumped through our GG-6 Ghost In-Ceiling speakers with the Ghost grills.


TruAudio Dealer Petrone Ghost In-Ceiling Speakers Mirror TV


AP says there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for Petrone Technology Group. The most immediate is the grand opening of a brand new Petrone showroom!


Here’s a big congratulations to AP and all the crew at Petrone for their great work. It’s obvious that they love what they do.

Oh, and we think it’s kind of nice that they love TruAudio too!

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