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April 7th, 2020 at 11:52 a.m. · By [email protected]

The importance of having a good in-vehicle sound system used to be the “big thing”. But now having quality sound throughout your home is the newest trend. Having a home audio system that sounds crisp and clear no matter where you are at in your home is an essential set up. Although there is a wide variety of systems and speakers to choose from, achieving an epic listening experience isn’t as simple as plugging in some speakers and a subwoofer, then turning the volume up to the highest notch. As far as we’re concerned, a custom install takes great skill and precision. There are many who think that just using Bluetooth capability for their sound is easier. Is it though?


Bluetooth speakers are the latest advancements in the wireless world and have been for a few years. What if you had a technology that provides a high-quality listening experience without using any annoying wires, what could be better? Many people, of all ages, use the Bluetooth setting from their mobile device and it is now incorporated with audio products. The technology works the same when connecting to an amplifier and speakers. 


  • Range- The range is the biggest downfall when it comes to using Bluetooth speakers. Depending on the version of Bluetooth, the speakers have to remain within approximately 10 feet of the amplifier and this also applies to other devices such as laptops and cell phones. Obstructions like cabinet doors and walls can severely hinder the Bluetooth range Even sitting in another room will make it hard to play music.
  • Power- When it comes to delivering raw power (i.e. wattage), Bluetooth speakers cannot compete with regular speakers. They will have a weaker sound, lacking the crisp, clear depth of regular speakers.
  • Connection- Not all electronic devices have Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Plugged-In- It is likely that you will need to plug in your speakers into a power source and if you need to plug each speaker in, it kind of defeats the purpose of using wireless speakers. It will limit you when setting up your home theater/media area or in any other room.


  • Pairing- Bluetooth speakers consume very low power. But they are usually more ideal to pair with a laptop. 
  • Wireless- They do not require speaker wires which makes them quite easy to install as a user.
  • Toolless- There is no actual installation required. The Bluetooth allows you to connect between devices (phone, laptop, amplifier) automatically.
  • Portable- These speakers are easy to bring with you anywhere for personal use. Since there is no necessary installation, you can set up and start listening to music within minutes.
  • Streamlined Technology- Bluetooth speakers are great because they work with most mobile devices and are ubiquitous in cell phones.

Custom Installation

Some of you may not be sure if you want to spend the money on hiring a professional installer to install all of those beautiful in-ceiling speakers, but in the end, it will save you money and you will have less to worry about if they are handled by a professional. Generally, custom installations are centered around bigger projects like a home theater. Custom audio installation involves building speakers into your walls and ceilings, instead of having them out on display and in the way taking up space. This means that there are no wires, no bulky boxes, and no mess. Once they’re installed they are virtually unnoticeable. The speakers are usually custom-fitted during renovation or re-decoration, which can be set up for mono, stereo, or multichannel uses. Custom installs are perfect for any size home or office and are designed to work with rooms of all shapes and sizes. 


  • Cost- There are different speakers that are budget-friendly (like some of the smaller Bluetooth speakers) but then again, lower cost often means lower quality. If you are looking for a premium sound, you will have to pay more for better quality sound.
  • Space- Most people who get quality systems installed have the reserved space for it. If you have little space in your media room or the desired room, getting new audio equipment installed will take a personalized design plan.
  • Wires-  The biggest reason that customers will hire someone to install their speakers is due to the wires that are involved with the installation. If you are wanting high-quality sound with speakers that give you premium audio, the wires are a necessity. But having unsightly wires running from your speakers to the receiver can be annoying (if it’s done correctly, they won’t be in the way or visible).
  • Requires a Professional- Unfortunately, a custom installation can be quite difficult and is often not an easy DIY project. You may want to hire a professional who knows what they are doing.


  • Sound quality- The sound quality will definitely be better than if you were to just install the speakers by yourself or if you were to use Bluetooth. A professional installer is trained to place the speakers methodically and often knows how to tune your speakers to match your room, to ensure a premium quality listening experience.
  • Connectivity- With these speakers installed properly, you are guaranteed no connectivity issues and can enjoy your audio with no interruptions.
  • Versatile- With a professional, you have the freedom to choose the speakers that you want. This gives you the ability to choose in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, invisible speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers. You can even choose the number of speakers that you would like for your design plan.


Whether you decided to choose Bluetooth or having your speakers installed by a custom professional installer, there are many things to consider. Luckily, TruAudio has access to highly skilled installers in any area to help you out with your custom installation. Hopefully, this helps with your decision and remember that custom installation is safer and will look better in the end. 

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