CEDIA 2015 Recap

October 21st, 2015 at 6:08 a.m. · By Chase Harrison

CEDIA 2015 was incredible this year! A big thank you to all our dealers who came out to see our booth. We showcased tons of new products and made a splash with our revolutionary Select Series 7.1 home theater demo.

Select Series


A 7.1 surround system pairing up the new S63-LCR and W12 subwoofer. The speakers were meticulously developed over the past year in the USA. It’s targeted to the higher end home theaters and delivers an unbelievable surround experience.


Custom Soundbars


We widened our selection of custom soundbars to include a number of different lengths and materials. These soundbars are available in two different performance levels: carbon fiber woofers with titanium tweeters and poly woofers with silk tweeters.

The soundbars can be sized to smaller 46-inch TVs all the way up to the impressive 92-inch TVs. The standard low-profile designs seamlessly lie flush with any TV thickness for a sleek, finished look. The soundbars are designed with a proprietary front wiring pass through, which allows for easier and faster installs.

A75 Digital Amplifier

Two years of meticulous development have created the A75, a great sounding digital amp that's a powerhouse of reliability, designed with the most advanced protection circuitry available.

Being a digital amp allows it to run cooler, eliminating heat build up in racks. It features 75 watts of power for each of its twelve channels in stereo mode and jumps up to 150 watts when changed to bridge mode. A well-designed ground lift switch solves any ground loop issues installers may run into. View the A75 product video for additional explanation on these innovative features.


Pendant Speakers


The new Pendant Speakers are ideal for rooms or venues with open, unfinished, or high-ceilings. They’re designed with full range sound for popular commercial areas, such as restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and convention centers. The elegant hanging speakers are UL listed, humidity rated, and feature 70v and 100v options with 8 ohms designed to be switchable. Color selection comes in black and white.




The 6-inch CL-70V-6UL is now UL listed. The in-ceiling outdoor rated speaker features a 6.5-inch polypropylene woofer and is perfect for any outdoor entertainment setup.


Universal Rack


A new addition to TruAudio’s FORGE rack line. The Universal Rack has a simplified design bringing the best of the STEALTH and THIN lines. It’s able to easily handle the weight of the STEALTH yet keep the size and dealer cost from the THIN. This rack also has eco-friendly packaging that’s reinforced for in-transit protection while reducing the number of boxes needed to ship the product. There are also extra accessories available, such as better cable management, built-in cooling fans, and shelf clamps for pre-dressing rack installs.




The brand new 12-inch SubTerrain boasts a bigger, fuller bass sound at 500 watts. This improved output helps fill larger outdoor areas with the perfect amount of bass. It features four ohms or 70v designed to be switchable. There’s also a new online design tool to help dealers build the right setup for their outdoor install.


Trident Subwoofer PAK


The new Trident subwoofer’s modern look is the perfect solution for the customer who looks for a balance of performance and aesthetics. The Trident subwoofer features a slim profile paired with a 10-inch reinforced aluminum cone woofer that’s driven by the new 500-watt mono channel DSP amplifier (TRU-S500dsp). With the enclosure, woofer, and amp, the Trident subwoofer produces tight and accurate low frequencies superior to its comparable box-type subwoofers.


Red Mountain Custom Subwoofers


The Red Mountain subs, named after the landscape of TruAudio’s headquarters, are a custom line of 12 and 15-inch subwoofers. Elegantly designed faceplates and an endless array of finishes make each subwoofer one of a kind. The deep bass frequencies will fill any room with powerful sound.


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