Luxury Outdoor Systems with Leading Industry Amp

August 20th, 2015 at 9:54 a.m. · By Chase Harrison

TruAudio now has available numerous outdoor systems packaged to deliver incredible acoustic sound outside of the home. The luxury outdoor packages boast either six or eight AS-2 or AS-1 landscape speakers and one or two SubTerrain underground subwoofers powered with the industry-leading Crown CDI-1000 Amp.

These 70v systems can cover the largest areas and are easy to install (install video). The system design is easy to wire up by simply attaching each Acoustiscape speaker to a single speaker cable coming from the amp. Using its remaining channel, the Crown amp powers up to two SubTerrains for those unbelievable lows. These systems add amazing acoustic sound to yards, patios, or outdoor entertainment areas.

Other package options are available containing combinations of the AS-2 and AS-1 landscape speakers, the SubTerrain, well-designed rock-shaped landscape speakers, 10-inch passive Rock Subs with two available colors, and a variety of amps.

Click Here to go to the Crown Amp Package product pages.

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