4 Benefits of owning an NFT

June 8th, 2022 at 10:43 a.m. · By Eric Doi

4 Benefits of owning an NFT


It's no secret that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin, people are beginning to realize the potential that these digital assets have. So, what is an NFT?

In a nutshell, an NFT is a digital asset that is not interchangeable with any other asset. Each NFT is unique and can be used to represent anything from a piece of art to a game item. The NFT is often an artistic expression that maintains real-world worth through opportunity, utilities, or limited editions. Just like a deed to a house, it’s not physically worth anything; but what it represents is where the value is held.

And while there are still some who remain skeptical about the whole concept, it's safe to say that NFTs are here to stay. So what exactly are they and what benefits can you get from owning one? There are a number of utilities and opportunities that come with owning an NFT. Here are just a few examples:


1.  You can use them to represent digital ownership of assets that are kept on a secure “blockchain”.


One of the main advantages of owning an NFT is that they are stored on a blockchain. Blockchain provides a secure and tamper-proof way of recording transactions. Think of it as a digital data bank where proof of ownership cannot be destroyed or manipulated without proper security clearance. This makes it ideal for tracking ownership of assets like NFTs. When an NFT is created, it is assigned a unique ID that is stored on the blockchain. This ID can be used to track the NFT and its ownership to ensure that it is always exchanged fairly. NFTs can be stored and traded on many different platforms, but all of them will use blockchain to secure the transaction and protect the asset. This means that they are incredibly secure and cannot be counterfeited. Owning an NFT opens up a whole new world of possibilities. With the help of smart contracts and the blockchain, you can use your NFT to represent anything from shares in a company to a stake in a project. 


2. You can use them to show membership or participation in certain online communities.


They can also be used to represent physical assets such as tickets, loyalty points, or memberships. In fact, NFTs are already being used by some businesses as membership tokens. For example, the blockchain-based social media platform Steemit uses NFTs to represent membership and give users voting rights. This allows businesses to secure and track their memberships using blockchain technology. By using an NFT as a membership token, businesses can ensure that only authorized members have access to their services or products. This makes it easy to prevent fraud and secure valuable assets. SoundVision Technologies is using this same idea for the Select NFT membership! Being a Select Member gives any fans of SVT, TruAudio, VSSL, or simply the audio space exclusive access to our discord discussions with real-time feedback, early product information, and more!


3. You can use them to access exclusive content or services.


NFTs can also be used to reward loyalty or support, making them a valuable tool for building a community around your brand. When used properly, NFTs have the potential to create a more secure and engaging online experience for everyone involved. If you're looking for a way to protect your content or services, consider using an NFT. It's a safe and secure way to keep your data private while still providing access to those who need it. SVT will use the membership as a way to give out exclusive swag including hats, shirts, and more associated with the SVT brand family. Best of all is the ability to attend TruEscape with the company and our biggest clients if you own 3 Select NFTs. TruEscape provided the opportunity to get with leading legends in the audio world, get to know our company culture, learn where our product lines are heading next, and enjoy it all in a vacation setting!


4. You can trade them, sell them, or gift them to others.


Another benefit of owning an NFT is that you can sell or trade them easily. Unlike physical assets, there are no barriers to entry when it comes to buying or selling NFTs. Once you learn the process of purchasing, selling, and trading one NFT, the process will stay the same for the next one! There may be a little learning curve, but the opportunity is great. NFT’s are usually made in limited quantities. Once a released NFT is sold out, the worth of that NFT will increase simply because it won’t be available unless bought or sold on the open market. SVT will only be releasing so many of the Select NFT. Once they are sold out, those who have that NFT will get to take advantage of the real-world utilities that come with it, until or unless they decide to sell their NFT to someone else. The value of the SVT NFT is truly in the utilities that it provides for audio enthusiasts. As mentioned above, owning 3 of the Select NFTs will provide one free inclusion and invitation to TruEscape. That utility alone will pay for itself in just a couple of years! Not to mention all the free swag, yearly luncheon in Southern Utah, and more to come!


The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. So if you're thinking about getting involved with this new and exciting technology, don't wait any longer – the benefits of owning an NFT are too great to ignore!

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