The TruPlug by TruAudio

July 26th, 2013 at 3:14 a.m. · By Chase Harrison

Top Ten Reasons Why TruAudio's TruPlug Is BETTER Than The Best Banana Plug

The banana plug plays a fundamental role in the sound continuum from power source to speaker.

If the banana plug is loose, weak, or has a poor connection, then even the most expensive audio equipment will perform poorly.

That’s why TruAudio looked at the lowly banana plug and said, "We can do better."

Introducing the TruPlug, a banana plug that has been engineered for superior sound connectivity.

Here are ten reasons why the TruPlug is better than the best banana plug out there:

  1. The TruPlug Gap

    When it comes to banana plugs - connectivity is absolutely crucial.

    Most banana plugs have a screw that goes in till it meets flush with the outside casing. Then you’re left to ASSUME or HOPE that the screw is making a good connection with the wire. It may look pretty from the outside, but the connectivity on the wire inside is what’s critical.

    The TruPlug screw has threads that go all the way to the inside connectivity point. But when it reaches that point, it leaves a gap on the outside casing.

    In other words, the inside screw won’t stop threading until it comes in contact with your wire. By screwing in as far as you can - and seeing the TruPlug Gap - you are ASSURED of a solid connection with the wire.

  2. Just Two Parts

    Some banana plugs have multiple moving parts. Each of those moving parts is a potential risk for connectivity failure. The TruPlug has just two working parts to give you the highest degree of connectivity.

  3. That’s Golden

    We gave the TruPlug 100% gold plating both inside and out. This gives the TruPlug superior signal pass through - besides making it look cool.

  4. Pressfit Tip

    Some banana plugs have a tip that screws into the housing. This can work itself loose over time, causing sound degradation. The TruPlug tip is press-fit or uni-welded into the housing for the absolute best connection.

  5. Spring Tension

    Tips that have standard fluting are weak at their upper and lower extremes, are easily bent and can lose their spring over time - all resulting in poor connectivity. The TruPlug tip has spring tension which is stronger and maintains its shape ensuring superior connectivity over a longer period of use.

  6. Long Mushroom Flange

    TruAudio also custom tooled an extra long flange on the TruPlug screw so mushrooming wire is fast and easy. It will also give you the best connection possible.

  7. Side and Rear Entry

    We’ve made the TruPlug versatile in a variety of ways. While some banana plugs come with side entry, some with rear entry, we’ve given the TruPlug both. Whatever the demands of your particular install may be, the TruPlug will help you meet them!

  8. From Big to Small Wires

    Part of the TruPlug’s versatility is its ability to accommodate all sizes of wire. The TruPlug will take wires as small as 22 gauge all the way up to a 10 gauge. The TruPlug is a true workhorse.

  9. Shorter and Thinner

    We know when it comes to installs, space is usually at a premium. We made the TruPlug shorter and thinner so it is easier to work with.

    The TruPlug is shorter so you can get your installs tighter to the wall. The TruPlug is thinner so working with multiple plugs at the same time is easier. Hard to believe that you could fit all this connectivity and versatility in a little ol’ banana plug - but we did!

  10. Custom Engineered by TruAudio

    We designed the TruPlug. We engineered it. We created it. This is NOT your standard, off-the-shelf, me-too banana plug. You can’t get the TruPlug with all these benefits anywhere else.

The TruPlug by TruAudio

Another creation in the relentless pursuit of “The Sound of Innovation”

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