New Enhancements with Trunami In-Wall Subwoofer

August 20th, 2015 at 9:54 a.m. · By Chase Harrison

TruAudio has made cutting-edge enhancements to its popular Trunami in-wall subwoofer. The sub’s greatest improvement comes in the form of its two new 6.5-inch passive radiators that deliver a 50 percent longer excursion and double the displacement.

High output levels at low frequencies are achieved by use of a high sensitivity 8-inch woofer. Coupled with the dual 6.5-inch passive radiators, the Trunami touts an impressive radiating area. Along with the increased output of 3dB at 30 Hz, the sub includes an innovative mounting system for quick and easy installation. The Trunami fits easily between 16-inch stud bays making it an easy addition to any retrofit installation.

“We designed higher excursion surrounds on the Trunami’s passive radiators. This enhancement increases performance and reliability,” Kary Wawrzyniak, TruAudio executive vice president of operations, said.

“With the Trunami being an in-wall sub paired with our Ghost-style grill, this speaker makes a sleek addition to any room,” Natalee Hoff, TruAudio vice president of sales, said. “With these new enhancements it makes the experience for the homeowner even more outstanding.”

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